Community Education and Outreach 

Community outreach is an important component of integrated vector management. Without active participation from community members, controlling mosquitoes and other vectors would be impossible. We strive to educate residents to prevent bites and reduce mosquito breeding sources on their own properties and within their communities.

Our outreach and educational programs are free to District residents, businesses, associations, and organizations. All of our programs can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Presentations: Mosquito and vector biology, integrated vector management, bite prevention, local public health risks, mosquito-borne disease activity, and more.
  • Booths: Live mosquito life-cycle displays, mosquitofish, repellent samples, information materials, and more.
  • Printed Materials: All of our informational material can be accessed and printed as needed. A small, complimentary packet of brochures can be requested for pick up at the District office.
  • Other: We are always open to new outreach opportunities. Please contact us to discuss potential outreach and educational programs that meet your needs.

To schedule an outreach event, please complete our online service request form or contact the District office at 559-732-8606.

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