Dr. Mustapha Debboun

General Manager

Dr. Mustapha Debboun is a Board Certified Medical & Veterinary Entomologist and a Fellow of the Entomological Society of America with over 27 years of experience in the field of public health entomology and vector-borne diseases. Born in Morocco, Dr. Debboun came to the United States to continue his higher education. He earned a BA in Cellular & Molecular Biology from Skidmore College in New York, a MS in Medical Entomology from the University of New Hampshire, and a PhD. in Medical & Veterinary Entomology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Upon graduation from the University of Missouri in 1989, Dr. Debboun began a career in the US Army where he advanced to the rank of Colonel before retiring in 2014. His global military and civilian entomological work has taken him to over 35 different countries throughout the world. 

His main goal is to provide efficient and sustainable management of disease vectors and human protection from mosquito and other vector-borne disease threats, using not only conventional means but innovative, integrated vector management, as well. Dr. Debboun collaborates with scientists throughout the world and has authored or co-authored over 115 scientific publications and four books. He also organizes and leads national and international public health entomology symposia, is a subject matter expert, scientific reviewer, and a member of the editorial review board for eight scientific journals. 

Dr. Debboun and his wife, Natalie, have been married 29 years and raised three children.